Junk Removal in Old Forge, PA


Old Forge, PA 18518 is one of our favorite locations to remove junk from! We routinely drive through the pizza capital of the world as our home base is on the boarder of Duryea, PA and Old forge!

Old Forge, PA falls into our 5-mile radius pricing, which is our cheapest price point. The minimum charge for a pick-up is $65. Our services are “all-inclusive” which means we do all the work. For more information on pricing please see our FAQ.

Do you have a broken piece dresser in your attic? A washer that just broke down? A computer that is older than dirt? We take it all! TV’s, tires, couches, any item that isn’t liquid!

We also do full clean outs! Trash in the basement? Have a garage that you haven’t parked your car in since 2003? Full estate, and foreclosure services, as well as residual trash pickup all in your home town!

Our goal is to make your life easier. We are the “Area’s Friendliest Junk Removal Service” for a reason.  Call Dustin today at 570-871-0039.  We will get your space back with a smile on our faces!

Junken Monkeys Hauling Company offers Old Forge, PA services including, but certainly not limited to:

Dumpster Alternative
Time Saving junk disposal
Appliance Removal
Exercise and gym equipment recycling
Refrigerator Disposal
Attic Clean out
Full house clean-up
TV (television) recycling
Trash disposal
Furniture recycling
clothing donations
Garage item removal
basement cleanouts
Power tool recycling
storage unit cleanouts
E-waste recycling
single item pickups
Mattress and Boxspring removal
computer screen recycling
Hoarder house cleanup
…amongst so much more!

Do you have a question or have a concern? Please feel free to contact us any time!


Basement Cleanup in Scranton to Start 2020!!!



At one point or another, each property will undergo renovations. Tearing down walls, adding doors, windows, kitchen demo, the list goes on. The end result is (hopefully) the desired upgrade, but what about the scraps? The boxes of the new floor, the wood trimmings that were not needed, where do they go? Good News! Junken Monkeys Hauling company removes these materials!

Our all inclusive service, which includes all the work, allows you to pile up the debris and allows us to can it up and take it away! Speaking to our clients, this has been found to be the easiest means of doing “DIY” renovations.

We use different techniques in the removal of the debris. Some of our favorite tools include shovels, tarps, garbage cans, gloves, and of course a broom for such removals. Although we are not a cleaning company, we do our best to sweep up once the “bigger stuff” is picked up and removed.

Although we also are not a demolition team, we do know some companies that we highly recommend and can definitely point you in the right direction! We are always here to help you out, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

Have you been renovating your property? What were your techniques in keeping everything organized? Comment below and let us know!

Free Exercise Removal Month!

Huge Announcement!!

Each month, we will be announcing an “item of the month” in which we will be DEEPLY discounting a specific item or type of item during a month that it makes sense and that our data shows was a popular pick up item during that month last year.

This month is “FREE EXERCISE EQUIPMENT PICK UP”. We chose exercise equipment due to last December having multiple home gym items removed for clients- as well as allowing our clients the ability to make space for those New Year’s Resolution!!

We are here to help you! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment or message!!


Holiday Season is HERE!!!


Tis the season! As the cold and snowy weather rolls in, we politely ask that you bear with us. Sometimes even the most confirmed of appointments we can not make due to the weather. Our team’s safety, and your safety is our #1 priority.

What we CAN do:

From December to March we will begin booking appointments with 2 dates, in the event that weather prevents us from arriving for our initial appointment. We are confident that this will help prevent any issues with all parties scheduling.

Ready to book an appointment? Maybe just an estimate? Contact us today!


Scranton Area’s Friendliest “AND BEST” Junk Removal Specialists!

We Won!!!!!

On Sunday, 9/30/2019, Junken Monkeys Hauling Company was awarded the Scranton Times Readers’ Choice 2019 Garbage Junk Removal Company of the Year! This is such a tremendous honor! We take immense pride and are SO happy about the achievement.

We could not have done it without our clients! This year we had the opportunity to help, assist and meet hundreds of different people, all of which are absolutely amazing!

This is just in the 15 mile radius of Scranton. This is just the beginning, winning this achievement makes us eager to get out there and expand our radius!

From our whole team at Junken Monkeys, we are beyond thankful, grateful, and blessed to have won this Award!

Checking In!

Man, it has been a CRAZY summer! We have been able to service many new clients, some old ones, and it was an EXTREMELY successful summer! We picked up two major duplex projects, one of which we will be finishing today, the other is a hoarder house project for the city with the end result of a Veteran’s center for Scranton! I must apologize…I have not updated the site as much as I would have liked to over the summer, but I am definitely striving to get better at this! Here are some things coming up from Junken Monkeys!

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Trash Pickup done FAST!

trash pickup, junk removal, junken monkeys scranton pa

This week we had the opportunity to clear out trash and debris from Pittston, PA. John and I set a timer, we got this cleaned up and were on our way to the next stop in 13 Minutes! In situations where we can, such as this, we are totally able to save our clients money as our labor fee was very very low.

Also, we always do our best to put your items back where they belong. Notice the garbage cans in each picture. Although not a cleaning company, we still take the extra steps to do our best to wow our clients.

While we have you, here are some of our newest posts:

If you’re interested in Appliance removal- check out what we accomplished in Dunmore, PA recently-“Appliances”

We have a lot of posts about junk removal, which makes sense because… that is what we do. Here is a recent post from Old Forge, PA- “Junk Removal”

Finally, remodeling projects seem to be a difficult task to complete- here is one we most recently completed “demo”

Do you have a remodeling project coming up that you need the scraps removed? What project is it!? Share with us below!

A Garage clean-out in Dunmore, PA

20008236671334044271Earlier this week, Junken Monkeys had the pleasure to do a Garage Clean out in Dunmore, PA 18512. The client was amazing, and it was truly an honor to help her out! We were able to donate a lot of the items, and make sure most of the junk was put into the right hands. We care about the community, the environment, and especially the client as much as we care about one another.

The best part of the junk removal in the garage was the after picture. Seeing just how much space the client truly had in the garage left all parties smiling.

When space is at a need, sometimes getting rid of items is the best way to create square footage. The garage was swept nice to make sure that there were no nails or debris that would affect feet or tires, and items kept were put in a nice space to not interfere with doorways or walkways!

If you have a garage that is ready to have a car in it rather than your junk, Junken Monkeys Hauling Company is only a click away!


Today’s before and after pics from a shed had 2 dogs satisfied!!

I met this client yesterday. He is a good man and we had some awesome conversations. A fan of baseball, he was very proud of his two “puppies”.

Leo described one as “part polar bear” they were massive. Once we got the shed cleaned out, as well as its surrounding areas, he let his dogs out.

What transpired next was amazing. They both ran over to the area of the shed, and then began gleefully claiming the new space as each of theirs.

Little things, make Monday’s so much better!

Below are some before pictures of today’s shed-followed by after- the dogs were satisfied with the new space on the outside- the owner was more than excited about his new square footage on the inside! Enjoy the pictures!