Basement Cleanup in Scranton to Start 2020!!!



At one point or another, each property will undergo renovations. Tearing down walls, adding doors, windows, kitchen demo, the list goes on. The end result is (hopefully) the desired upgrade, but what about the scraps? The boxes of the new floor, the wood trimmings that were not needed, where do they go? Good News! Junken Monkeys Hauling company removes these materials!

Our all inclusive service, which includes all the work, allows you to pile up the debris and allows us to can it up and take it away! Speaking to our clients, this has been found to be the easiest means of doing “DIY” renovations.

We use different techniques in the removal of the debris. Some of our favorite tools include shovels, tarps, garbage cans, gloves, and of course a broom for such removals. Although we are not a cleaning company, we do our best to sweep up once the “bigger stuff” is picked up and removed.

Although we also are not a demolition team, we do know some companies that we highly recommend and can definitely point you in the right direction! We are always here to help you out, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

Have you been renovating your property? What were your techniques in keeping everything organized? Comment below and let us know!

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