Checking In!

Man, it has been a CRAZY summer! We have been able to service many new clients, some old ones, and it was an EXTREMELY successful summer! We picked up two major duplex projects, one of which we will be finishing today, the other is a hoarder house project for the city with the end result of a Veteran’s center for Scranton! I must apologize…I have not updated the site as much as I would have liked to over the summer, but I am definitely striving to get better at this! Here are some things coming up from Junken Monkeys!

  • A HUGE announcement on 9/29!
  • An email/subscription list (free) that will allow our clients to save money and be notified of monthly sales, team announcements, blog post blurbs, etc!
  • A spot on the website where we spotlight our team! I feel like its critical that you can see a picture, and get to know our team so that you are even MORE comfortable with the team that shows up to help you!
  • Posting more frequently! (stating the obvious here).
  • Figure out why Facebook Messenger has been failing us! We NEVER get notified when we get a message.

I hope that your summer was absolutely amazing! Please never hesitate to Contact Us with anything, even if its a website suggestion, that might be on your mind :-).

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