“Where does my junk go??”

This is one of the most Frequently asked questions we receive. When we pick up items that are straight trash (no examples needed) we often get the question, “where does it go?” More often than not,  you probably have never experienced a land fill. A land fill is where residual garbage goes after it is picked up. Your weekly trash and our trash get married on this trash mountain chapel.

So, what happens here? First off, if you think your trash smells, picture the scent of all the trash in the area getting dumped here, now add rain, heat, snow, ice, mud, and any other outside element that would make the fragrance of garbage worse. It all happens. How do we get to the mountain? Upon arrival, we weigh in on scales that identify how much waste we have. Then we drive up to the top of the dump. The roads are essentially compacted garbage pushed and squished together with different types of machines. We sway and bounce back and fourth as these roads are more often than not flat and  may contain trash that may prove to be harmful to the tires. The intricacy of where to dump depends on the day, and how long we are at the landfill is also a gamble. Some days we are in there for 25 minutes, other days we are there for 2+hours. This isn’t always because of what we have in our truck. This may be due to how many people are in line to dump as well as how many trucks can dump at one time. There are times where the space allots for only two trucks to dump at one time, causing a line of 20 plus trucks to be waiting for a spot.

Image of the Keystone Sanitary Landfill, September 2018. Junken Monkeys

Once we get in a spot, we then back up onto the mountain. Then we hand unload everything into the biggest pile of garbage your eyes can imagine. It traditionally takes us between 30-70 minutes to unload a full truck once parked. After the truck is emptied, we try to sweep out the ground, and proceed back to the weighing station.

After weighing out, we are charged $90/ton.  Our truck can traditionally hold up to two ton, which is a LOT of weight. (NOTE: Every land fill is different and prices are only reflective to the Keystone Sanitary Land fill) Once paid, we proceed to the truck wash and then get back into serving our clients.

The best part about the land fill is that going here is included in our value. When our team says that the fees include everything, the land fill is included!

What are your thoughts on the land fill? Do you see yourself ever going to one? Seeing this side of junk removal, what are your thoughts? Comment below!!

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