We do Attic Clean outs in Scranton!

Tis the season! Spring cleaning comes upon us- and soon to be the summer heat, then back to the crazy NEPA fall and winter. Attic clutter knows no weather, and neither we!

We are available and love to go up in those attics in all seasons! Big items up there? If you got it up there we can get it down. Partial attic clean outs, big boxes, century old items, we can remove it all!

We are not afraid of heights, or afraid of the cobwebs. We get elated when we hear about projects that come of a cleaned attic, or even just the relief. We also don’t charge any additional for labor for attics. It’s part of the job and the reason that you are hiring us!

Some items we routinely find in attics include: decorations, clothes, VHS tapes, clothes, baby cribs, furniture, and the most common item that we find—–Comment below to guess!! First winner will receive a $25 off coupon!

Need motivation to get your attic space back- check out this pinterest feed for ideas on what you can do with all your brand new attic space!

Pinterest DIY attic storage ideas!



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