2019 Donations have begun!!

Earlier today, Junken Monkeys donated 88 articles of clothing, 6 pairs of shoes, and 4 toys to the Goodwill on Keyser Ave in Scranton, PA.

We understand that there are families in need and know that taking a few extra minutes to go through and ensure we can donate as much as possible goes a long way.

This is our first round of Donations of the year as we strive to keep track and donate as much as possible this year and every year! Other donating and recycling items include cardboard, metals, books, paper, boxes, all clothing amongst other things. The sorting especially matters to the environment as the items that can’t be recycled sadly end up at the landfill.

The items we donate are not included in the volume pricing!!! If we don’t pay to dump it neither should you!!

Junken Monkeys is off to a great start of 2019, we look forward to seeing how much we can donate this year!!!

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