Deck Clean-Up in Scranton, PA!

It’s one of my favorite spots any and every warm sunny day, my Deck! We had the opportunity to help a great family in Scranton, PA to enjoy their deck as soon as possible. The remodeling of their bathroom was complete, and it did make sense for them to put the old pieces on their back deck. When completed, they gave us a call! Please see the below and after photos from yet another successful clean up!


Construction debris tends to get very heavy, but we do it! From inside the house to outside, we find ways to get it done!

Do you have a pile of wood? Tile? cardboard (which we recycle!) Message us today for a free estimate!!!


A Garage clean-out in Dunmore, PA

20008236671334044271Earlier this week, Junken Monkeys had the pleasure to do a Garage Clean out in Dunmore, PA 18512. The client was amazing, and it was truly an honor to help her out! We were able to donate a lot of the items, and make sure most of the junk was put into the right hands. We care about the community, the environment, and especially the client as much as we care about one another.

The best part of the junk removal in the garage was the after picture. Seeing just how much space the client truly had in the garage left all parties smiling.

When space is at a need, sometimes getting rid of items is the best way to create square footage. The garage was swept nice to make sure that there were no nails or debris that would affect feet or tires, and items kept were put in a nice space to not interfere with doorways or walkways!

If you have a garage that is ready to have a car in it rather than your junk, Junken Monkeys Hauling Company is only a click away!


2019 Donations have begun!!

Earlier today, Junken Monkeys donated 88 articles of clothing, 6 pairs of shoes, and 4 toys to the Goodwill on Keyser Ave in Scranton, PA.

We understand that there are families in need and know that taking a few extra minutes to go through and ensure we can donate as much as possible goes a long way.

This is our first round of Donations of the year as we strive to keep track and donate as much as possible this year and every year! Other donating and recycling items include cardboard, metals, books, paper, boxes, all clothing amongst other things. The sorting especially matters to the environment as the items that can’t be recycled sadly end up at the landfill.

The items we donate are not included in the volume pricing!!! If we don’t pay to dump it neither should you!!

Junken Monkeys is off to a great start of 2019, we look forward to seeing how much we can donate this year!!!

Small Business Saturday Sale!!

Happy Small Business Saturday!!

This year we have an AWESOME sale on our gift certificates! We are offering our $100 gift certificates for only $70!! That’s $30 Savings off of our services!! A great deal and a great way to save for future services!!

To place an order for a certificate, please text or email Dustin at 5708710079 or!!

Happy holidays from all of us at Junken Monkeys Hauling Company!!!

Did you ever think junk removal would be this fun!?

So, a yellow truck rolls up to your house with a purple monkey on it. Then out comes one (or two, or three, or four) of the friendliest, and humorous people you may ever meet. Junk removal can be a lot of things. There are a LOT of adjectives that could describe what its like to have items hauled away, from all perspectives.

We always show empathy towards any item that is removed. Memories are a real thing, and more often than not, it is material possessions that may remind us of a memory that would cause us as humans to feel. We get it and believe me, we totally understand.

Also, the items could have been left to you, for one reason or another, for good or for bad. The amount of frustration that is felt from property manager who had tenants just up and leave all of their belongings behind just to have the junk become the headache for the land lord. Pardon my language but.. that truly sucks, and we will work with you.

All this rain this season, ugh. We had many basements that we serviced, garages that took damage, leaky roofs for attics.. Calling us may not have been on your to do list this season, but mother nature had other plans, we do our best to get there as soon as possible and will go above and beyond for you.

Although we can’t control the reasons behind having the junk, one thing we can control is our ability to make our clients smile. We always ALWAYS go above and beyond to show our clients that we care about them, because we do. We want you to smile when you see us, to know that junk is something that each and every one of us has, including us. As important as it is to smile upon us arriving, its equally as important to have you smiling when we’re leaving, as well as while we are there! We want our presence in your life to be an experience, one that will leave you feeling relieved, happy, and better than before we arrived.

Below are some examples of us doing what we do, being ourselves and having fun while helping others!! Do you have any examples of our team helping you and making you laugh? We would love to hear your stories!!


“Where does my junk go??”

This is one of the most Frequently asked questions we receive. When we pick up items that are straight trash (no examples needed) we often get the question, “where does it go?” More often than not,  you probably have never experienced a land fill. A land fill is where residual garbage goes after it is picked up. Your weekly trash and our trash get married on this trash mountain chapel.

So, what happens here? First off, if you think your trash smells, picture the scent of all the trash in the area getting dumped here, now add rain, heat, snow, ice, mud, and any other outside element that would make the fragrance of garbage worse. It all happens. How do we get to the mountain? Upon arrival, we weigh in on scales that identify how much waste we have. Then we drive up to the top of the dump. The roads are essentially compacted garbage pushed and squished together with different types of machines. We sway and bounce back and fourth as these roads are more often than not flat and  may contain trash that may prove to be harmful to the tires. The intricacy of where to dump depends on the day, and how long we are at the landfill is also a gamble. Some days we are in there for 25 minutes, other days we are there for 2+hours. This isn’t always because of what we have in our truck. This may be due to how many people are in line to dump as well as how many trucks can dump at one time. There are times where the space allots for only two trucks to dump at one time, causing a line of 20 plus trucks to be waiting for a spot.

Image of the Keystone Sanitary Landfill, September 2018. Junken Monkeys

Once we get in a spot, we then back up onto the mountain. Then we hand unload everything into the biggest pile of garbage your eyes can imagine. It traditionally takes us between 30-70 minutes to unload a full truck once parked. After the truck is emptied, we try to sweep out the ground, and proceed back to the weighing station.

After weighing out, we are charged $90/ton.  Our truck can traditionally hold up to two ton, which is a LOT of weight. (NOTE: Every land fill is different and prices are only reflective to the Keystone Sanitary Land fill) Once paid, we proceed to the truck wash and then get back into serving our clients.

The best part about the land fill is that going here is included in our value. When our team says that the fees include everything, the land fill is included!

What are your thoughts on the land fill? Do you see yourself ever going to one? Seeing this side of junk removal, what are your thoughts? Comment below!!