Junk Removal in Old Forge, PA


Old Forge, PA 18518 is one of our favorite locations to remove junk from! We routinely drive through the pizza capital of the world as our home base is on the boarder of Duryea, PA and Old forge!

Old Forge, PA falls into our 5-mile radius pricing, which is our cheapest price point. The minimum charge for a pick-up is $65. Our services are “all-inclusive” which means we do all the work. For more information on pricing please see our FAQ.

Do you have a broken piece dresser in your attic? A washer that just broke down? A computer that is older than dirt? We take it all! TV’s, tires, couches, any item that isn’t liquid!

We also do full clean outs! Trash in the basement? Have a garage that you haven’t parked your car in since 2003? Full estate, and foreclosure services, as well as residual trash pickup all in your home town!

Our goal is to make your life easier. We are the “Area’s Friendliest Junk Removal Service” for a reason.  Call Dustin today at 570-871-0039.  We will get your space back with a smile on our faces!

Junken Monkeys Hauling Company offers Old Forge, PA services including, but certainly not limited to:

Dumpster Alternative
Time Saving junk disposal
Appliance Removal
Exercise and gym equipment recycling
Refrigerator Disposal
Attic Clean out
Full house clean-up
TV (television) recycling
Trash disposal
Furniture recycling
clothing donations
Garage item removal
basement cleanouts
Power tool recycling
storage unit cleanouts
E-waste recycling
single item pickups
Mattress and Boxspring removal
computer screen recycling
Hoarder house cleanup
…amongst so much more!

Do you have a question or have a concern? Please feel free to contact us any time!